cardboard boxes dubai

Cardboard Boxes Dubai

We are the supplier of cardboard boxes dubai for so long. If you are looking for carton box dubai then we have lots of sizes available. 

We are also offering customization when it comes to bulk quantity. If you need any customized size of Carton boxes in dubai then we can provide you with that in wholesale quantity. 

It is our main priority that we must offer quality products to our customers which are our biggest asset. 

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             3 Ply Carton Box

             5 Ply Carton Box

Carton Box Sizes

  • We can make any size in bulk quantity. If you have any specific size requirement then we can provide each and every size but in bulk quantity. Carton box sizes that we usually make are as follows: 

3 Ply Carton Box Sizes: 

  • 33 x 22 x 23 cms 
  • 45 x 32 x 23 cms
  • 45 x 35 x 35 cms
5 Ply Carton Box Sizes:


  • 45 x 35 x 35 cms 
  • 45 x 43 x 42 cms 
  • 45 x 43 x 67 cms
  • 64 x 48 x 57 cms
  • 54 x 54 x 68 cms 
  • 60 x 60 x 65 cms 

Corrugated Boxes Types

We offer the following corrugates boxes in Dubai: 

  • Brown Corrugated Box
  • White Corrugated Box
  • Regular Slotted Box
  • Half Slotted Box
  • Overlap Box
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