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T Shirt Printing Dubai

We have more than 5 years experience in textile customization in Dubai. We specialize in printing T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc. For business, events, promotions, merchandising, contact us to discover the customer service that so many people are talking about! 

We are equipped to accept bulk orders also at the same time we are accepting small quantities also. We are catering to all segments of UAE.

If you have any specific fabric requirement or any custom T shirt printing Dubai requirement then we can cater to that also.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction when it comes to t shirt printing Dubai. We do all possible efforts to live unto the expectations of not only our Dubai Customers but across the world.






T-Shirt Printing Dubai – Print Methods

We are using various methods to do t shirt printing on the polo T Shirts as well as round neck t-shirt printing. Our main aim is to stay ahead of the market in terms of quality of fabric as well as the print quality.

We have almost all printing technologies and we can provide almost all possible materials. Print methods vary from customer to customer. Event Management companies require different print methods and at the same time the restaurant owner require different printing solutions. T Shirt Printing in Dubai are done in the following Steps:


Quotes in 2H

Contact our experts for advice and get a quote to print your t-shirts.


Once you have confirmed your order, we will send you a complete digital proof before printing your personal clothing.

Printing + Delivery

We print your T-shirts or apparel and deliver to you nationwide in just 5-10 days.

T Shirt screen printing

Screen Printing 

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl Printing 

dye sublimation printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

Laser T Shirt Printing Dubai

Direct Laser Printing 

Want us to Design something Creative

Why Choose CustomizeDubai

The reason is pretty simple that we are providing the T Shirts as per the client requirement. We provide the exact grammage of the fabric, exact printing or embroidery as per the client’s requirement. The main aim is to satisfy the customer. The best thing is that we produce a sample so that there is no conflict at the end of the order. Once the sample is approved only then we start production. We make all the possible efforts to provide the final outcome as per the sample. 

We are producing Custom t shirt printing with branding of our respected clients. These logos are printed on the T Shirts with immense professionalism. Our team analyze by looking at the logo that which kind of printing is required whether it require heat transfer printing, sticker printing, screen printing, vinyl printing, dye-sublimation t-shirt printing or laser printing. We can do one color printing, two color and multiple color printing and embroidery. The logo size we can print is A4, A3 and smaller. 

Customization can be done on all the things like fabric, stitching, design and logo. We work on your instructions whatever you require we devise a strategy based on those instructions. If you have any specific type of material requirement then also we can find that material for you if the quantity is big enough. 

You can feel carefree if you are assigning task to us as we are the main supplier of T Shirts in Dubai with years of experience. 

Same Day T-shirt printing Dubai

If we have the capacity and time availability in our factory then we are also accepting same day T Shirt printing orders In Dubai. Some companies request us that we have an event and we want same day t shirts with printing in Dubai then we work out some thing for our customers.  

Payment Mode

We are accepting 50% advance and 50% on delivery. Payment can be  done via cash, cheque and bank transfer. 

We are supplying custom design T-shirts to the following segments: 

event shirt printing

T Shirts For Events 

We are making Events T Shirts with Printing of company logo. If you need t shirt printing for any charitable events, Corporate events, Promotional events, School Activities T Shirts or any other events then we can make it. We can print your logo, name, number or any other customized tag line of yours on your t shirt. 

Sports T Shirts


T Shirts Sports Jerseys Printing

 Sports Events T Shirts, Sports Shirts, Sports Jerseys, and Sports Kits. We are making all kinds of sports T Shirts with the branding of your name or company. Customizes Sports kits we are making at affordable cost. We can fulfill your fabric requirements and we can customize each sports T Shirt with names and numbers.

Polo T Shirts Printing

If you need polo T Shirts Printing with branding or printing if any graphics then we can do it. The design will be yours and print we will do it for you. Polo t shirt printing, we are doing on all kinds of qualities and gems. We can take your bulk order of Polo T Shirt with branding. 

T Shirts logo embroidery

T Shirt Embroidery

If you need your logo to be embroidered on the T Shirt then we can do it. Logo embroidery is long lasting and doesnt fade away with time. Our factory is known for providing the best embroidery on T Shirts. If the embroidery is done by an expert then it gives a very good image about the brand. 

t shirt embroidery

Uniform T Shirts Printing

We are making uniform t shirts for the employees. If you need your logo printed on the staff’s shirts then you can be in touch with us. Uniform T Shirts we are making in best possible quality because it is for every day use and it must be of excellent quality. All kinds of uniform T Shirts Printing we are doing. 


                     Promotional T Shirts

If you need Promotional T Shirts in Dubai UAE then we can do this. Any logo, Tagline, Slogan can be printed on the tshirts. If you want to print logo on shirt then contact us. If you have any bulk requirement for any kind of T Shirts then also you can be in touch with us. 



Sublimated T Shirt Printing

The sublimation T shirt printing is done with lots of quality. We are doing sublimation on polyester fabric. The result of sublimation comes best on Polyester fabric. We are providing quick printing service. If you have an urgent sublimation order then you can be in touch with us. If you need sports T Shirts and any other sublimation related printing task you can contact us. 

Custom Design T Shirt Printing

Custom Design T Shirts printing is done on everyday basis. We are taking bulk orders of custom designs. If you have any requirement of your own design, slogan, logo, any particular campaign message then we can print on your t shirt. 

Corporate T Shirts Printing

We are doing corporate T Shirt Printing in good reasonable price. Corporate T Shirt printing for offices, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, companies and any other business where you need t shirts with your branding for the staff then we can do it for you.

T shirt company – Which Material we are using?

We are the only T Shirt Company in Dubai who can provide you T-Shirt designs based on your requirement. We have a range of t shirts printing which we can offer you but if you need anything specific then we can provide you that too.

T-shirt printing we are doing on all fabrics basically its print on demand UAE as we are open to your requirements and this can be done if you provide us custom printed t shirts as a sample and after reviewing the sample we can quote you and our rates are cheap and we are known as a company with cheap t-shirt printing in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

Print T-shirts for events in Dubai

If you are a company, advertising agency, marketing agency, event or hospitality business looking for t-shirt printing in Dubai, ​​you have come to the right place. We specialize in printing T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, bags and work clothes. Our satisfied customers include Aqua service, Orange, Renault, Facebook. Next you can be!

Printing of screen printed T-shirts in Dubai

Our specialty is wholesale customization with screen printing. We also do digital printing, but screen printing is the best technique when you have more than 50 fabrics to print. It is fast and the quality is not affected by quantity. We deliver your personalized T-shirts in Dubai in 72 hours. Call us now and start Express Printing in Dubai with Print some.

Personal uniforms in Dubai

We offer a wide range of custom workwear: custom embroidered polo shirts, embroidered uniforms, jackets, vests and much more. If you are in doubt as to which is the best option for your business, contact us now and we will advise you. Customer service is what makes us different. We help you get the best value for money.


Quick budget for printing T-shirts in Dubai

Filling out our quote form is easy and quick. It is designed to help you understand what you need and to give you the best budget in the least amount of time. Remember that we print T-shirts at Dubai wholesale (+15 Garments). When we use screen printing, the more garments you print, the better price you will get per unit. However, the printing technique will depend on your design. Tell us all the details when filling out the form, and in less than 1 hour one of our printing consultants will contact you to start printing your project. Start!

Where to print personalized t-shirts in Dubai?

Find the best option in prints to customize professional and online t-shirts. You can order the price online with the quantity of wholesale t-shirts as per your requirement and our consultants will contact you in less than 1 hour to give you the best option. Your order will be delivered to Dubai in just 72 hours. We make T-shirts for advertising and T-shirts for events in Dubai. We print personalized T-shirts for advertising agencies, sporting event organizers, educational centers and companies all over Dubai and Spain.

Which T-shirt printing technique is right for me?

We work with textile screen printing, custom embroidery, digital printing on T-shirts, vinyl cutting and transfer. Custom polo embroidery is the best option if you need to create custom workwear. On the other hand, if you want to customize T-shirts, we recommend screen printing when there are more than 50 garments, or digital printing when there are between 15-50 presses. Depending on your need, our experts can recommend different customization techniques. At Printsome we make everything possible, start your budget.

Why choose custom t-shirts?

Screen printed T-shirts with your brand logo is one of the best branding strategies out there. They even serve as work uniforms, promotional gifts or to attend an event in Dubai and that your brand stands out from the rest. The garments we work with are of the best quality to ensure that they keep up with the times. You can also choose custom sweatshirts, polo shirts with other products. At Print some we specialize in high quality wholesale printing services in a short time. Contact us!

We are using the following fabric:

  • Jersey
  • Polo Fabric (220 gsm, 200 gsm and as per the requirement)
  • Mesh
  • Clima Fit
  • Single Jersey Knit
  • Dri Fit
  • Cotton Interlock

If the customer wants to give their own fabric and wants us to do the stitching and do the branding then we do it that as well. We are supportive in all possible manner so that customer feel themselves at ease.  

Bulk T shirt Printing

We can make bulk T shirts as we are a t shirts printing factory in Dubai. The best part is that our customers are always long term because they like the quality of T Shirts, Stitching quality and printing quality. The accessories we are using are also of very good quality. We can manage almost all accessories which are related to t shirts. 4

In our factory we have expert workers who knows their job and thats why they are able to provide good quality items in a limited time period. 

T Shirt Printing – How do we accept orders?


Once we receive your inquiry related to Custom T Shirt Printing then we send you a reasonable quote based upon your requriement.

Sales Meeting

We schedule a meeting once you feel that the quote is ok. In the meeting we discuss in detail about the order and payment structure. All other confusions and questions are addressed in that meeting. 


When everything is done. The terms and conditions are accepted by both parties then after advance payment we make a sample for the customer so that he should know what will be the final product.

Order Delivery

When the sample is approved then we start the production process. We always try to finish the production process within the stated amount of time. We prefer to be on time and target so that our client is satisfied. 

Custom T-Shirts Wholesale Supplier

We are doing T shirt printing for Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai. We are also delivering to Oman, Saudi, Qatar and Bahrain. We are Suppliers of plain t shirts as well as printed ones or with branding. We are into T-shirt wholesale UAE Business for so long now that people have trust on us and of all the T Shirt manufacturers in UAE we are considered as a reputable company. If you need same day T Shirt Printing in Dubai then we can do that also in bulk quantity. 

It is an option that allows you to print designs and then cut them out. Colored vinyl is used to create these designs and letters. Printing designs and letters onto the vinyl t-shirts is called vinyl heat transfer and entails a machine that cuts out the vinyl. After that, each piece of the vinyl is transferred to the material using a heat press.

Heat transfer vinyl that can be printed allows you to print the vivid logos, designs, and details that are not possible with the traditional heat transfer vinyl. To print full-color patterns and cut them out for application, use the print and cut functions of your craft die-cutting machines like the circuit, customized t-shirts, clothing, and the other fabrics. Printing bespoke designs or even full-color logos on printable heat transfer vinyl is a terrific idea.

Screen printing, often known as silk screening, is a wicked method of printing images on t-shirts that uses thick inks that sit on top of the cloth rather than soaking into it. Screen printing, which uses thicker inks, is preferable for graphics that only employ one or two ink colours.

Take mesh screens and stretch them over wooden frames for t-shirt screen printing. Cover the negative space you wish to create with a water-resistant blockage. The ink spreads to the fabric at the same time that negative space prints the design.

The t-shirt market is anticipated to expand 9.6% yearly from 2020 to 2025, according to statistical analysis. The t-shirt printing business can be beneficial for you, as we have highlighted the growing need and popularity of t-shirts. The t-shirt printing industry will always be profitable.

The method of pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design is known as screen printing. The procedure is also known as serigraphy or silk screen printing, but they all relate to a certain basic technique.

t-shirts are one of the most prevalent uses for screen printing. Screen printing is used in the apparel business on a range of products. Screen printing is also used to make posters and billboards of various sizes. The same inks and screens that we used in class could be used to print on t-shirts.

Although screen printing is an older, more traditional technology, it may generate high- quality, vibrantly colored prints that are long-lasting. Screen printing is the perfect solution if you want to print large quantities of realistic, simple patterns with only a few colors. Printing on certain parts of print material is simple.

After the shirt type and marking, you have to keep in mind the delivery time. It should be noted that the price will be affected. Our custom Express T-shirts, which will be faster to manufacture than the rest, will cost more than the traditional manufacture. A traditional order of personalized T-shirts with cheap screen printing is made in about 10 working days. But, to order a quick custom t-shirt; We have a last minute urgent order. This type of order takes very little time, everything will depend on the design, quantity or type of shirt. Join CustomizeDubai now and choose your order for cheap trade t-shirts.

The use of screen printing is a technique used to take advantage of the large number of screen printed advertising shirts and not being expensive. Screen printing is a printing technique that is economical, as it is used for marking wholesale textiles. Therefore, it is ideal for all kinds of custom t-shirts, such as custom t-shirts for kids. This method of printing involves stamping the logo or text using ink and support templates. The advantage of screen printing is that it lasts a long time, its vague finish is of excellent quality and cheap. The advice for custom t-shirts with screen printing is not to wash them more than 40 degrees.

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