Hand paint

Hand-painting your t-shirts is one of the easiest ways to sell your own custom designs. First, you have to imagine that the shirt is a canvas and let your creativity fly.
If you specialize in drawing or reprinting pictures, hand-painting your t-shirts will give you greater freedom of expression.

Today you have a variety of products to paint on canvas, different paints and inks. And lots of accessories so that nothing will stop you from creating your own design to make your shirt an authentic work of art, unique and original.

The only important thing you should keep in mind when going to work is to look carefully at the ink, markers, paints, and other materials that are specific to the fabric. if you do not want that When you wash your shirt, the effort goes down the drain.

This is the worst thing that can happen to you. Because, you don’t want your customers to complain about the product you bought, right? If you do not trust or believe that you have bought the right material, you can examine small pieces of cloth and wash them by hand.

Dyeing and knotting

This technique became very popular in the 60’s with the rise of hippies, who, inspired by illicit substances, decided to wear these clothes dyed in different colors.

This technique will give you bright and attractive colors if you like to wear colorful style. This type of dye is “by-reserve” for the simple reason that when you wrap the shirt and tie it tightly with rubber, ropes or bands, you save the space for another color, or After the ink is left blank. And there will be no bleach.The results from this technique are really impressive and at least amazing.

The feature is, as with the hand-painting technique, that no two shirts will be identical. So if you are thinking of selling something completely unique, this is the technique that works with you. It is important that you practice this technique on different tissues, as each of them will react differently with the color. You can also find different types of nodes in the network to get different results depending on which one you choose.

Use of templates

This technique is an economical version of screen printing. Instead of printing on the screen, you will paint the space that your design has created for the filler.

The first thing you will need is to recreate your design in the least durable material such as plastic, cardboard or similar form because if you are going to paint on it, paint it. Will have to face the breakdown. Then you have to cut the interior of your design with cutter or scissors – whatever you want to print on the shirt.

Then put your template on the shirt and try to animate your template in some way so that the design is very clear. In this case we also suggest putting some paper or material inside the shirt to prevent it from going through the paint in case of excessive insertion.

You will need to proceed with this type of printing as we mentioned earlier, a hard material, scissors or cutter, adhesive tape and a brush to make the template. You can find a large number of specialty paints for textiles in stores specializing in painting or fine arts.

Matte with bleach

The printing of the shirts, unlike the rest of the bleaching techniques, is done by removing the original lacquer from the shirt instead of adding it. As with most of the techniques mentioned above, we suggest that you create a template to introduce inside the shirt so that the opposing part does not fade.

For this kind of customization, all you need is bleach, a t-shirt and your imagination! You can also use stencils and bleach with a brush or cotton wool. It is important to note that depending on the type of cotton, color quality, quantity and color of the shirt, bleach will react with a different color in each case.

Airbrush and spray

This method is similar to hand painting, in terms of handling and experience with materials and tools. You must first make sure that you know how to use these two tools properly, an airbrush and / or spray can.

The advantage of this technique is that you can create a truly impressive design – as long as you have the expertise with the tool – and you will please your clients because they will have a unique design with great technique.

Learning how to use an airbrush can be quite quick, but if the realistic effects are what you are looking for, it may take a little more time and practice. If you are interested in this technique to grow your t-shirt business, it is important that you consider taking a special course, but on YouTube you can always find various tutorial videos that explain it. How to do it right You will turn every T-shirt into a work of art!

Sealed with tampons and shapes

Certainly 90% of people have sealed something using a tampon at least once in their lives, although we have never done that on a T-shirt.


All you need is transfer paper, printer, scissors and household iron to use the transfer printing technique. This technique has the great advantage over everyone else, and that is that by printing it through a printer, we can reproduce as many T-shirts as we want with the same design. We can print anything we can think of without design limitations. It is very easy to make t-shirts this way and above all fast and clean.

Have your design ready to hit the print button, but don’t forget to print your reflection in the mirror, and now print as many copies as you want to make T-shirts. You don’t need sewing knowledge, you don’t need screen printing or anything like that.
You can find special transfer papers for ironing at home in any stationery store or online store.

Look at the paper wrapper and read its instructions to find out how long you should iron the paper for best results. One thing to note is that this type of transfer is one of the short-term mentioned techniques. It is important that you tell your customers this, otherwise you will get a barrage of complaints.


We believe that this technique is not the most profitable, at least the fastest, but with time, patience and good hands you will achieve unique results. The art of hand-sewing will take time, but keep reading. The use of embroidery to customize all types of clothing is much more common today than it was a few years ago, which was probably more intended for clothing such as shirts. Today we can find embroidery on caps, sweet shirts, bags, t-shirts and more.

This is fine if you have an embroidery machine at home, but otherwise, you will have to do it by hand, so the design should be simple if you do not want to be disappointed in the effort.

Using an online printing company

Thanks to the invention of the Internet and the technological advancement of our modern age, the best way to print T-shirts from home today is undoubtedly an online company that allows you to customize existing textiles to redesign your designs. Offers services.

The best part is that with the comfort of being able to order your own design, you also have an extensive catalog as is our case! So the biggest problem is that you don’t know which of the T-shirt and apparel models to decide.

Using an online company to print your designs will save a lot of money on buying T-shirts, because we offer them at a very competitive price with printing.
On the other hand you can’t worry about the production leaving everything in our hands so that you can devote yourself 100% to promoting your business, promoting your brand and creating new designs with which Surprise your customers with new prints of T-shirts.

Conclusion about 9 ways to print t-shirts at home:

Before you go to work you should encourage a website where you can sell your designs and find out which designs you will put on sale, what will be their price and what will be your benefit. At the same time, each design must be designed correctly.

At Garment Printing we specialize in printing techniques and textile customization, so whatever you think, we can make it a reality. If you need help with the printing process, advice on your apparel or any questions, you can contact our printing experts. They will guide you through the process.


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