Many textile printer buyers are wondering how much to sell a Personalized t-shirt, a question that often arises for those who are thinking of investing in an Epson SC-F2100 t-shirt printer. Are

The answer is not so simple, because it depends on many variables. When deciding the selling price, the business owner should consider both his fixed costs (rent, electricity, telephone, labor, etc.) and their variable costs (T-shirt, ink, primer, etc.).

In this post we will analyze the variable cost of printing T-shirts and introduce you to the attractive cost estimation feature offered by free Garment Creator software. Upload your design, adjust the print size and quality and you’ll get an instant printing cost estimate.

Determine your fixed expenses.

The first step in determining the selling price of our products is to compile a list of all recurring monthly expenses: premises rent, electricity, internet, telephone etc. and from this data we can estimate that our hourly How much is the price? Our business is running. Then we can calculate the number of shirts that I can print per hour, and by dividing the cost per hour by the number of shirts we have a fixed price per shirt.

Other variables that affect price.

When deciding the price you should consider other variables outside of our business:

  • Who are our customers? What market share do we target our products to?
  • What kind of shirts are you going to use? Is it about fashion, promotional use, personal nature according to the client?
  • Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and where are they weak?

The answer to these questions will also affect our value.

How much does it cost to print a t-shirt?

When a user asks a question about the title of our post, they actually want to know the cost of printing a t-shirt. And it’s a very simple fact to solve with the Epson SureColor SC-F2100 T-shirt printer because it has a feature that allows you to guess.

The SC-F2100’s free Garment Creator software includes a cost calculator that will estimate the cost of ink, primer, etc. of a given design before printing.

Even if you don’t have a printer, you can download Garment Creator and run your own tests to see how it works. To help you, we leave here a guide on how Garment Creator works.

Estimate the cost of selling T-shirts

Let’s see how the Epson SC-F2100 cost calculator works.

  • Open the creator software.
  • Under “Garment Settings” select the type of T-shirt you want to print. You can choose the color of the t-shirt you want to print from the options available or you can customize it to fit.
  • Go to “Print Settings” and select the base you are going to use. The printer is provided with a standard base, but there are also additional bases that you can buy: for sleeves, shorts, polo shirts, shoes, etc.
  • Load the design you want to print, either by clicking “File”> “Open” or by directly clicking on the small open icon at the top left of the screen. In order to be able to make an estimate, it is necessary to load the design first, because the calculation is done based on the design.
  • You can then align, scale or modify your design until you see the effect on the garment that you really want.
  • Select the “Garment Settings” option and adjust the color resolution and resolution to white (when you are printing a black T-shirt with a white mask). And make other necessary adjustments (profile, ink density, etc.). All of these values ​​will translate into slightly different costs, so it’s important that you make all the necessary adjustments.
  • Access the cost estimate feature from Work> Stimure or by pressing the icon directly in the form of a calculator. A new screen will open where for the first time you have to sort all your expenses so that you can calculate based on the values ​​you entered.

What values to enter in my cost calculator?

Here’s an example of using the cost calculator to know at what price to sell custom t-shirts: The first time you use this service you must enter some information:


Settings, First of all, it allows you to configure the local settings that correspond to the region/regions where you direct your products. Select a new record and enter the name, currency, and coefficient. If you adjust the coefficient to 1, the cost will be calculated correctly, but you can also adjust this variable to a higher value if you want to get your cost margin.


All ink colors have the same value as cost, it is enough that you enter data for a single color. Enter the price and capacity of the cartridge. In this case, we have introduced 170 € and 600 ml. Automatically, it will calculate the cost per milliliter.

Other expenses here

You can list other costs applicable to your case, creating a new record for each of these variables. We recommend that you record the cost of the shirt, the estimated cost of the primer liquid by design, the percentage of the cost of the maintenance kit, the cost of the ironing shield, etc. When you have all the data, click “Estimate Work” or you will get an estimate of the design cost. Depending on the design and type of t-shirt, you will find that the price of ink per shirt will be between € 0.50 and € 2.

You can “play” to edit your print design and features to see how it translates into printing costs. Here are some examples of printing costs provided by Epson.


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