The t-shirts you wear can’t be the same every day, can they? Screen printed T-shirts or printed T-shirts are usually worn, broken, of poor quality, and old or ugly.

How is it possible? Isn’t a T-shirt the most “ordinary” and easy to make the dress? We all wear T-shirts for sports, for going to the gym, for traveling, and even for walking. We know that quality products are harder to get, their prices are higher and we are not just talking about T-shirts.

Are you interested in getting affordable T-shirts with interesting designs, advanced finishes, vivid colors, resistant colors and long-lasting? We have the shirt you need, check everything you are interested in knowing and everything you did not know but it will surprise you.

The importance of a good t-shirt

They are one of the most important garments of our day.

Do you only wear shirts? Well, part of using a good shirt is wearing a well-printed shirt that stops sweating, which protects your body from cold, moisture, sunlight, bad weather and our daily routine.

It is confusing for many people, but are we buying and wearing screen Printed T-shirts right now?

T-shirts are used for sports, for going to the gym, for attending a casual meeting, for walking outside, they have a lot of features and you can customize them, but we’ll talk about that later. Cotton fibers help resist the sweat of this garment, it is a fresh fabric that absorbs moisture, so cotton shirts function very well and underwear is used in case of excessive sweating.

Aside from being completely biodegradable and belonging to the natural chain of decay, wearing a good cotton T-shirt can ensure that you are not harming the environment. Synthetic fiber or polyester T-shirts are softer and better suited to our body, they are more flexible but retain their shape longer and are resistant to abrasion, heat, etc.

Includes ideal ventilation for high-performance sports activities, strenuous workouts, and designs that allow the skin to breathe while exercising. A printed t-shirt or screen printed t-shirt is a great gift for friends, family, children, and the elderly. 

Everyone wears a t-shirt and you can start by giving a nice t-shirt, with or without design, made of cotton or polyester, for women or for men, for children or for the elderly. There are T-shirts for everyone.

A smart purchase is a safe purchase.

No matter how important shirts are, they are important in our daily lives, they are not made to the standard that they should be.

How is it possible? How many T-shirts do we buy each year? How much do I need to buy? Do you like their designs or do they just disproportionately increase their value?

The price of T-shirts should be constant, especially when they have no design and when they do, it should be as you have in mind.

The best purchase you can make is for a good t-shirt that lasts a long time, does not break or fades quickly or for no apparent reason.

Don’t spend too much money on shirts that promise style, but no durability, materials that go bad and lose their identity with just a few uses, get better shirts with durable and high-quality materials that you can wear. I Need you in our shirt. .

Screen Printed T-shirts

This type of shirt is characterized by a silkscreen technique used to decorate or give it an aesthetic finish, it has to go through several layers of textile paint or dyes to print a unique style on each shirt. Coins

Styles can vary and it is generally recommended that the graphic be placed on the front or back of the shirt for a better effect on the quality of the screen printing.

The advantages of screen-printed T-shirts are that the freshness and naturalness with which the design can pass as part of the same fabric is not noticeable unless there are colors and it is easy to wear. Not painted. The design obtained in screen printing will remain as long as the shirt itself does.

Printed t-shirts

This type of t-shirt has the feature of taking your style from vinyl print, this technique is obtained by printing a piece of vinyl with the desired design or graphic and then placing it on the garment, in this case printed shirt. Is.

This type of design is very elegant and very high standing, their structure is very plastic.

Printed T-shirts are more about graphic imagery than shirt quality.

The advantage of this type of T-shirt is that no one pays attention to the graphic or the design and it gets a lot of attention, it is really recommended when it comes to brands or important designs. Some disadvantages include lack of freshness, detachment from the fabric structure, and poor maintenance.

What’s the difference between a silkscreen T-shirt and a printed one?

While silk-screen T-shirts retain a more artistic and comfortable finish, there are other items that are intended for everyday use. The purpose of printed T-shirts is to promote and highlight trade terms, a brand, product or cause. Obviously the reasons for getting one of the two are very different and it may help you to know more about what kind of shirt you can choose for your design and occasion.


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