There are many ways to fold t-shirts that save space. The t-shirt is clothing that every man should have. Despite this, most of us have no idea ‘’how to fold t-shirts’’.

To keep your t-shirts in good form when it’s time to wear them, you will need to learn ‘’how to fold them.’’ Having the correct technique will ensure that you have adequate room to hang your other clothes, particularly your formal wear. It’s also a talent that comes in handy when it comes to packing for trips and saving space in your drawers.

Fold t-shirt by using pinch and fold method

Folding a t-shirt is an easy method to pinch a cloth. In this method, you will learn to fold the t-shirt in seconds by pinch and folding method

  • Put a shirt side to side on your right side, with the collar on the right side.
  • Point A will be at the centre of the shirt, and point B will be on the top right.
  • Keep in mind that point C is on your left side’s bottom hem.
  • Pinch points A and B in one motion, then cross your arms to pinch point C.
  • Fold your shirt after uncrossing your arms and shaking it into place.

The basic fold

  • Place the t-shirt face down on the table, with the top of the shirt facing you.
  • Fold the shirt in half from left to right, then in half again from right to left, with the sleeves folded in towards the middle.
  • Fold the shirt in half lengthwise from the bottom to the top.
  • You can either stop at this point or fold it in half again to save space.
  • Simply turn the shirt over and you are ready to go.

Double-shoulder method

  • With your middle finger grabbing the front of the shoulder and your index finger gripping the rear of the shoulder, hold your shirt up with the front-facing you.
  • Mark where you want to fold with your finger.
  • Keeping the garment up, fold each sleeve and side inward across the back of the t-shirt with your middle finger, folding where your index finger is. This can be done on both sides at the same time. The shirt sleeves and sides will be touching when finished, but they do not need to be crossed.
  • Place the half-folded shirt, front-facing down and collar closest to you, on a flat surface.
  • Fold the garment in half by gripping the end nearest to you and aligning the collar with the bottom hem. As a consequence, you’ll have a folded rectangle of t-shirt facing outward.

Fold t-shirt using army rolled method

  • Place your ironed shirt, front side u, on a level, wide, smooth, clean surface.
  • Run your hands over the surface of the garment to smooth out any creases or wrinkles.
  • Bring the bottom of your shirt up to three to four inches.
  • Tuck it in and use your fingertips to form a crease in the little fold. Your shirt’s button will appear to have a cuff.
  • Run your hands over the fold to flatten it.
  • Bring the left side of your shirt toward the middle and fold it lengthwise.
  • To align the sleeve with the edges, tuck it inside the folded section.
  • Make sure the edges of your shirt are aligned by folding the right side over the folded left side.
  • Tuck the right sleeve into the newly folded section. You’ll need a long rectangular shirt at this point.
  • Take hold of the top of your shirt and roll it tightly until you reach the bottom.
  • Unroll the bottom cuff you made before and tuck your rolled t-shirt into the folded section.


Always iron t-shirts before folding them, and choose the technique that you are most comfortable with and can master easily from many options available. There is no perfect folding technique because each can still leave small creases and wrinkles that can be easily fixed by shaking the shirt’s top before wearing it. As you may have noticed, the key to folding t-shirts is to smooth the surface of the shirt before each step or after each fold. I hope this will help you in folding the t-shirt.


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