The visual difference between wearing a shirt and not tying it inside can be very noticeable. Even without the other changes in the wardrobe, it is possible to look great with the beautiful fit of the shirt inside the pants. However, doing this randomly can make the central area look bloated. Don’t go for less than your full potential. Learn how (and when) to put your shirt in your pants to start looking beautiful!

Put the shirt in the pants in a basic way

Put on your shirt and button it up to get started. Grab the shirt skirts and pull them down, towards the ground. This act gathers extra fabric on the bottom of the shirt and squeezes the fabric on the chest to make it look professional.

Pull your pants over your shirt

Wear your pants if you don’t already have one. Pull them up to the waist and push the bottom of the shirt into the pants. Zip up your pants and button-up. The bottom of the shirt should fit comfortably inside the waist of the pants.

Put on a strap

When you tuck your shirt into your pants, it’s almost always with a strap, even if you don’t need it to hold your pants. When you adjust the strap, align the buckle so that it is just above the zipper, in the middle of the waist.

Take out your shirt a little

Grab the bottom and sides of the shirt and stretch them a bit to loosen them. Don’t stretch too much. Just stretch the fabric an inch or three centimeters. This makes your shirt a little looser so you can rollover or bend over, and that you don’t pull the skirts off the shirt and force them off. Doing so in front of a mirror can help. If you accidentally stretch the fabric too much, you can remove an extra bulging part of the fabric under the shirt, which can sometimes look a little silly.

Align the buttons on the shirt with the pants on the pants

Finally, look at yourself quickly. To fit the shirt well into the trousers, the line formed along the edges of the shirt buttons should be paired with the pants’ panties. This is known as the canoe line. While it is true that you will not always want to devote your time and effort to do it well, it is important to have a professional appearance. The canoe line should be cut from the center of the body or very close to it as the buckle of the strap should be there.

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