What is Collate Printing? Collate is a term used in the printing industry to describe ‘’collate copies’’. That is, rather than printing separate papers, the printer ‘’collects’’ them all together to make a full set. Check out the printer preview page the next time you print a paper.

Collate refers to the gathering and subsequent arrangement of sheets of paper or other printed components in a predetermined order in printing. In this article, you will learn ‘’what is collate printing’’

Why do we need to collate pages?

  • In order to create consistent documents, collecting allows them to print incorrect order for example if you have a document of five pages and you want to print multiple copies of it in the correct order collating will enable it to print where you need it to print for example in the correct order to print the next page then the next page, etc
  • Collated printing will provide you page after page and sheet of paper after sheet of paper while respecting the original series of the pages in the document when a file is too large and needs to be printed numerous pages
  • Collecting can start happening while the individual components are being formed on the printing press or after the components have been printed and removed from the press
  • Offline data collection can be automated or done manually based on the project’s nature if the parts of a document set have comparable features they can usually be collated using automated technology
  • If the components of a document corpus are different such as from a saddle-stitched product catalogue two Z-folded brochures, a dozen multi-part order forms and a business card automated collation would be ineffective and manual collection would be required.

How to collate print

  • Collating is frequently automatically enabled although it can be changed in the print window before printing in Microsoft word for example a user can enable or disable collate by following the instructions below
  • Open the document you wish to print in Microsoft word
  • To print either click the print icon or go to File and then Print
  • Expand the number of prints in the print windows then check or uncheck the collate option to allow or  remove it

Why do we collate printing by hand

  • Collated printing must be done by  hand in many instances listed below are a few examples
  • A mix of Bleed and No Bleed A book contains several photos that must be printed all the way to the bottom The rest is just plain text with no margins Because bleed cutting is necessary after printing some sheets must be re-inserted into the book by hand
  • Various Sheet Sizes Some jobs necessitate a ‘’gradual term ‘’in which each succeeding sheet is somewhat larger or smaller than the one before it All of these must be clipped and collated by hand

What Are The Most Basic Collate Copy Binding Types

  • If you’re trying to collate smaller collation books saddle-stitched printing is ideal This type of binding is typically used for books catalogues and periodicals with less than 100 pages
  • Printing the paper on both sides placing the documents in order folding in half then stapled through the folds is how to saddle stitching works
  • Perfect Bound One of the most used collated printing methods especially for a paperback is perfect bound book printing
  • This method is affordable but you would have no way of verifying Perfect bound books are extremely durable and present and themselves in a professional manner
  • If your book has more than one hundred pages flawless binding is the best option
  • For heavier books such as yearbooks and directories, this is the recommended option
  • They’re also less expensive than hardcover books
  • Spiral And Wire-O A plastic coil holds your book together in spiral bookbinding you’ve undoubtedly seen a school book that was bound this manner


Collating is a fancy phrase for putting things together and organising them. The majority of people only collate their pages if they’re putting together a book, manuscript, or directory that requires the pages to be printed in order. To get to collate printing mode, go to your computer’s printing system and click on it. There you will be given the option of collating or not collating. Collating is a fancy phrase for putting things together and organising them.


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