Until recently, UV printing was almost unknown. Many printers now offer UV printing because of the many advantages over conventional (also called conventional) printing. The printing process is almost identical to conventional and UV printing. The difference comes in the drying process associated with inks and those inks.

Conventional offset printing uses solvent inks, which are not the most environmentally friendly option, as they evaporate into the air and release VOCs. They often need extra spray powder to help dry them out. Because they are absorbed into the paper, the colors may be thinner and less bright. Depending on the size and weight of the paper, drying can add days to each task. Conventional inks must be absorbed through the substrate on which they are printed, so they cannot be used in materials such as plastic, aluminum foil, or acrylics.

Difference between UV printing and conventional screen printing

UV ink is dried by the photomechanical process. During printing, the ink is exposed to ultraviolet light, instantly transfers from liquid to solid with very little solvent vapor, and the ink on the paper is almost not absorbed. So you can print on anything you like while using UV ink!

  • Because they dry quickly and do not release VOCs into the environment, UV printing is considered an environmentally friendly technology, environmentally safe, and emits almost zero carbon footprint.
  • Of course, because UV ink dries on contact, they never stain. And that means you’ll never need to add expensive coatings to protect yourself from stains and blemishes, regardless of the type of paper you use.
  • UV printing is done first on the computer side and then the desired pattern is printed through the printing nozzle. The printing principle is similar to that of a regular inkjet printer.

the type of screen printing is relatively small because silk screen glass can only offer one color at a time, if you need several colors of silkscreen, you need to choose several screens of different colors. Is and UV printing can be unusual. Print, you don’t need to make another screen, you just have to draw a computer map


UV printing color adhesive, screen printing ink will add curing agent to the glass surface at the time of screen printing, so that the ink is better absorbed on the glass surface, gray without the use of sharp edges, UV The printing will be on the glass. The surface is sprayed with a coating agent-like coating, but it will also come off easily, especially since the printed pattern will fall off layer by layer over time.  silkscreen glass can not produce a gradient color, UV printing can print a colorful and beautiful picture, the gradient can be printed at once


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